My Life As A Pinup Mum

All mums are unique and different but being a pinup mum means sticking out like a sore thumb.

For that particular reason it took a little bit for me to transform into an everyday pinup. Even before I started dressing in a pinup style way I always made sure I put the effort in to looking good each day. It’s just me (or the Beauty Therapist in me), always has been, wearing make up and doing a little something to my hair each day makes me feel good. I kind of envy the mums that wear no makeup and have their hair in a ‘mum bun’, the amount of extra time I’d have each day, but would you believe that I can do a victory roll but I can’t seem to master a messy bun.

I started getting into the pinup scene about 5 years ago but it took a few years for me to fully transform and some days I do have what I call a ‘mum day’ where I wear jeans and a t-shirt and don’t do my pinup hair or make up. And, yes, I do have days when I wear tracky dacks and no make up. We all need those days. Anyhow, as I started to wear red lipstick more and more and dresses with petticoats and bright coloured hair flowers in my hair, I found I was being stared at more and more. A friend actually told me that some of the other mums found me to be intimidating. Which actually hurt my feelings and confidence so much that I felt that had to dull it down to fit in. Really…. why should it matter what I look like or wear, but unfortunately to some it does. I have many friends that are the complete opposite of me and it doesn’t bother either party, we are just different. Into different things and like different things. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest how you dress, a friend is a friend and a mum is a mum.

Then myself and my little family moved suburbs which meant changing schools for my boys. This also meant a fresh start, no one knew me there, so pinup all the way. So far I am yet to see another pinup mummy at this school. I stand out, but in a good way. All the kids know who’s mum I am (hehe, sorry boys) and the other mums love seeing me dressed up. I get so many compliments and I don’t feel weird being the ‘odd one’. I did have a little giggle last year when one mum asked me how I find the time to look the way I do each day….. [hehe] my reply “I get up 2 hours before the kids so I can do my hair and makeup”, the shock horror on her face and few others was worth it…. I then had a little laugh and said ” just joking, it only takes me 20-30 mins max on a day to day basis”. Aside from the hair and makeup, getting dressed doesn’t take any longer than putting on ‘normal’ clothes.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what do my kids think…..

I have 2 boys who are 10 and 8. They absolutely love how I look.
They say I’m the prettiest mum ever. Which they are totally obligated to say, regardless [haha], but it’s still nice to hear. My youngest often goes and picks out my dresses or accessories he wants me to wear. They enjoy going to the pinup meet ups, car shows and watching pinup parades, especially if I’m in one. I even had the pleasure of having a little pinup shoot with my boys, which I never thought would happen with 2 boys but they loved it and the photos are adorable. My 8 year old is definitely more interested than my 10 year old and even has a few favourite pinups, other than his mummy. They have never asked me to change how I look and aren’t embarrassed by me sticking out, which definitely makes me happy. Plus, they think I’m famous because so many people stop me to compliment my outfit and sometimes ask for a photo. It’s super cute. Shhh….. Don’t tell them any different.

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These days I’m happy to ‘stick out like a sore thumb’, because I’m me. It’s taken me so long to be happy just being me, so I’m not giving up on it. Never be afraid to be you. All us mums are doing our own thing. If you are happy with no make up, wearing a full face of makeup, wearing active wear, wearing heels, wearing whatever…. do it. If any of the judgy mummies (they are out there, we’ve all come across them) want to look at you and judge, let them because who cares. You do you and I’ll do me.

Delza Skye xoxo

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  1. 😍😍😍😍 love this article!!! You rock Delza, such an inspiration to dress the way you like and be proud of it.


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