Battle Burlesque : Championship Of Tease

In this battle of the tease, you gotta think on your feet, conquer and defeat, tackle the obstacles to take the title. Skye High Burlesque presents Perth’s newest burlesque competition, with a titty twisting turn. With elements of cheesy game shows and iconic beauty pageants then fusing it altogether with burlesque to make one outrageous riot of a competition.

The Rules are simple no fire, no water, no mess, just burlesque, with low stress.

But wait,

What’s this… is it a shimmy or a shake… nothing fake but you gotta grab a mate!

You have to compete in pairs as a team of 2. So, find your duo buddy and team up. What will it be? Rival, dream team, dynamic duo or frenemy, partners in crime or lovers divine. The choice is yours.

2023 Applications are NOW CLOSED!!

….. and our 2022 winners are

  • Supreme Tease Champion – Lotta Love
  • Grand Contender – Minxed Punch
  • Crowd Pleaser – Minxed Punch

2022 Teams

Filmed by Wild Kat Photography

6 teams / 3 rounds / 3 awards / 1 tease champion Team


Strut your stuff, show us what ya got….

Teams will strut the stage in the outfit of their choosing, matching or not. Then its time for the Q&A. A silly question requires an equally silly answer. Make it up, make it real, make it you. There are no wrong answers to the right question.

Once all teams have completed the strut and pose they will then come back on stage 1 team at a time to participate in a Q&A pageant style.

  • Before leaving the stage the teams will choose an envelop with the next round info including the prop they will use in round 2


We challenge you to a dance off….

Paired teams will go head to head in a dance battle. Using their own skills and style to the best of their ability and think on their feet in grand improv style.

*if a team puts a prop down the other can steal it, forcing their opponent to have to use the other prop

*teams can convince others to swap props with them

*only 1 team mate can dance at a time and they must tag their team mate to swap dancer


Trust your team mate, make a plan, it’s time to give it all you’ve got….

Performance: Each team will perform a prepared act of their choice. Burlesque only. Small props permitted. Minimal set up allowed. No mess allowed.

Card game : during intermission teams will draw a card

  • Each card will refer to a different obstacle
  • Each team then has to perform their act and include the obstacle

Bonus cards : what will they be, who will get them, no one knows


Winner – ‘Supreme Tease Champion’

Runner Up – ‘Grand Contender’

Crowd Vote – ‘Crowd Pleaser’

Trophies & prize packs will be awarded the winners and gift packs for all contestants

please note: this is a competition and you will not be paid for competing


  • DivaSquad / DivaDolly Australia
  • Glitter Tits by Lolly Moon
  • Diamond Heels
  • Ivy Cabaret
  • Ivy’s Performing Arts School
  • Wild Kat Apparel
  • Twerk Noir
  • Fate Photography
  • Haus Of Sparkle
  • Scarlet Bell Burlesque


  • NO glitter
  • NO fire
  • NO water
  • NO mess, full stop
  • Absolutely NO bullying of any kind will be tolerated and may result in disqualification
  • NO physical violence on or off stage (keep your hands to yourself)
  • NO cultural appropriation (this will result in disqualification and ban from entering future years)
  • Be respectful of fellow teams/contestants and also all staff and crew
  • On stage banter in a playful way is accepted but do not cross the line into bullying or being disrespectful
  • All judges scores are final
  • Audience vote is final
  • $30 entrant fee to be paid if your team is accepted to compete


  • Teams of 2 (duo)
  • All genders
  • You do not have to be an established duo, team up with who ever you want
  • Team names are your choice, however if SHB deem it inappropriate, you may be asked to change it
  • Burlesque acts only

JUDGING CRITERIA : basic overview

  • Entertainment factor
  • Overcoming the obstacles
  • Overall appearance
  • Team work
  • Confidence


2023 applications are NOW closed!



  • Supreme Tease Champion – Lotta Love (Lotta L’amour & Gigi Love)
  • Grand Contender – Minxed Punch (Minxy Milva & Ronnie Rum Punch)
  • Crowd Pleaser – Minxed Punch (Minxy Milva & Ronnie Rum Punch)