Waxing 101

Everything you need to know or ever wanted to know about being waxed, preparation and after care from yours truly, hooha waxing extraordinaire.

I’ve been a qualified Beauty Therapist and salon owner for over 20 years now and specialise in all things waxing. I’m some what of a Brazilian wax expert you might say.

Number 1, Yes it hurts! I’m not going to lie, it hurts…. c’mon your body hair is being ripped out from the root, it isn’t going to tickle…. but there’s a difference between ‘normal’ pain from waxing and being tortured by someone who is not the greatest waxer out there. There are techniques learnt from going to beauty school and also from on the job training that really make a huge difference to the level of discomfort.

So what does it feel like then, well certain areas like legs sting like a bandaid being ripped off, whilst underarms and bikini line have a deeper more intense pain. None the less the pain is fleeting. It hurts for the second that the hair is ripped out then it’s over.

How to avoid unnecessary pain

  • Make sure you go to a qualified professional.
  • Listen to your Beauty Therapist when they ask you to move your leg a certain way or hold your skin a particular way.
  • Attempt to resist fussing about and moving out of position. Pulling your leg in when it needs to be bent out during a bikini wax or screwing up your face when having your brows done can cause bruising and/or skin peeling if your therapist is unable to pull the wax off correctly.
  • Avoid waxing whilst you are on your period or are unwell. Your pain threshold is already pretty maxed out.
  • Always inform your therapist of any medications or illnesses. Some medications can make your skin extremely sensitive.
  • Trim the over grown areas.
  • Wax regurally. On average your waxing needs to be done every 4-6 weeks. Don’t leave it too long between appointments.

Preparing for your waxing session

  • Firstly, shower before your appointment and avoid moisturising directly before your appointment.
  • If you are having your intimate areas done (bikini and/or bottom area) use the baby wipes that are provided in the salon. Yes, use them. A quick freshen up is very much appreciated. And because I know you are all wondering, Yes I’ve had times where a client has not wiped correctly. Yep, glamorous job right.
  • Exfoliate the day of or night before. Really, exfoliate everyday but we will get to that.
  • Trim intimate areas. That’s right, if you have an over grown forest growing down yonder please trim it. I am not a hairdresser and will not be trimming your pubes. Tip : scissor over comb, you really don’t want to cut that area…. ouch! Trim down to approx 5-10mm as a general guide.
  • I know of some clients taking a some pain relief prior to their appointment to help with the pain but I’m unsure if that is effective or not.
  • Don’t wear your super expensive pretty under garments to have your bikini waxed, your therapist can’t guarantee that wax won’t get on those pretty knickers.
  • If you are more comfortable leaving your underwear on during your intimate areas being waxed that is totally fine, we can work around that. It’s good to have a g-string that is for waxing appointments. One that you aren’t too bothered about possibly getting wax on.

After care advice (read this carefully, it’s important)

  • Exfoliate!!! – exfoliate everyday (except directly after your wax). Yes, every day! With an actual waxing loofah not those bloody mesh balls that you apply body wash with. Exfoliating will help to remove dead skin cells allowing the hair to grow through freely and not become ingrown. Be warned I’m one of those therapists that will attack those ingrowns.
  • Moisturise – keep your skin soft and nourished. This will also help with ingrown hairs.
  • Use an ingrown hair treatment if you have been recommended it. There’s a lot of not so great products out there but there are some amazing products that actually do work. Hit me up. I have found the stuff that works. Seriously I have the stuff.
Examples of what to use and not use to exfoliate: I sell the riffi mitts. They are amazing… strong, durable and effective. Contact me if you wish to purchase one

More tips and frequently asked questions …. the things I get asked rather often

  • Yes, you can still get waxed whilst you are on your period. If you are having your intimate areas waxed use a tampon and tuck the string between the labia folds to ensure it is out of the way of the wax. Have you heard of the urban legend about the tampon string getting stuck in the wax and being ripped out. Yeah, not pretty at all.
  • Yes, you can get waxed whilst pregnant. Your therapist will be able to position you comfortably and correctly to avoid you rolling onto your belly but still being able to get all the areas.
  • If you have sex before your appointment please clean yourself up (baby wipes, use the baby wipes). Yes, I’ve had clients lay there with cum dribbling out. I love my job (smiling awkwardly).
  • If you have any piercings, especially on intimate areas, tell your therapist. Sometimes they aren’t that obvious or visible….. another urban legend right there. Use your imagination on that one. Wax vs piercing = f$%king ouch!
  • Can your partner watch? If that’s something you really want to do I personally don’t have an issue with it (always check with your therapist though) but make sure they know to stay out of the way so your waxing can be done in a timely manner.
  • How long does the hair need to be? You’ll be surprised, not very long. At least 3-5mm is a good length for most areas. I’ve been a waxing professional for a long time now, so I can get them out pretty short. You do not need to wait til you have turned into a yetti to be waxed.
  • You’ve been shaving for ever, no worries you can start waxing. It will take approximately 3-5 waxing sessions to start getting the hair into a good cycle of growth pattern for optimal results. Shaving can cause hair to grow at different rates and also the hair to become thicker over time. Waxing will weaken the hair and will reduce growth, thickness and amount.
  • I waxed my lip once and it made it hairier…. no, it didn’t make it hairier (palm to face). The hair was gone for a short while, then it grew back and you realised how hairy it actually was. Waxing does NOT make you hairier!
  • If you are being waxed for the first time, a little bit of advice, go to someone who has been working in a salon for some time and knows exactly what they are doing. Yes, everyone needs time to perfect their skills but do not get your waxing cherry popped by a trainee. Trainees are best to work with seasoned waxers not newbies who are scared and will jump all over the place with each rip. This will stress both client and therapist out unnecessarily.
  • Why am I so hairy? Every one has different types of hair growth. This can be due to number of factors including genetics, hormones, illness, disorders etc. Every one is different. Never be worried about how much hair you have or don’t have for that matter.
  • No, your therapist is not perving on you and looking at all the bits you are selfconcious about. Yes, we see your body parts that are being waxed but believe it or not we are looking at the hair that we are removing and that’s it. This is why I mentioned about the piercings, we aren’t starring at your hooha that full on that we have noticed these things. Plus we see naked bodies on a daily basis so we’ve kinda seen it all before. We are not their to judge your wobbly bits, we are there to remove unwanted hair.
  • Why do people get their butt hole waxed? Simple, there is hair there…. Yes, there is, deal with it. 100% your choice to remove or leave but trust me if you are being intimate with someone and the lights are on they are going to see it. Keep that thought in mind next time your therapist asks “all off including bottom?”.
  • You make it look so easy, maybe I could do my own. For the love of all things holy and not, DO NOT try this at home. Do you have any idea how many times someone has told me horror stories about home waxing jobs. Oh lordy, seriously by the time you purchase good quality wax, a wax pot and then the time it takes you to wax yourself you are better off paying a professional. Plus not to mention the bruising and skin ripping you will inflict on yourself because you darling are not qualified in this area of expertise. I’ve had not 1 but 2 clients tell me about trying to wax their kitty and not being able to get the wax off, then jumping in a hot bath thinking the wax will dissolve some how and sticking themselves to the bottom of the bath tub. Yep, 2 people did that. That’s 2 people that I know of.
  • My friend does waxing but is it weird that they know me and they will see my naked body. As long as your friend is actually qualified then there is no reason to feel concerned about them seeing your body. They are a professional and have ethics. They will not judge you or tell all your mates what your hooha looks like.
  • Do you really feel like an under paid Sex Therapist and/or Psychologist? Yes, 100%…. most clients feel comfortable enough to tell you almost anything and will ask your advice. Really, when you think about it, we are far cheaper than actual qualified Sex Therapists and Psychologists with PhDs.
  • Do people really get everything waxed? Yes, sure do. All body parts can be waxed. So yes, breasts, nipples, nose, back, butt hole, full face etc are all on the list.

Ok Wow, that’s a lot of information. Rest assured with a professional, fully qualified Beauty Therapist you are in safe hands. Choose someone you feel comfortable with. I always try my best to make all my clients feel welcome, comfortable and safe. Waxing can be a scary thing for a lot of people, so trust is a huge thing. Ask questions, that’s what we are there for. Trust me anything you may be too embarrassed to ask, we have already heard it all before.

Now, go get those hairs ripped out.

Love Delza xoxo

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