1, 2, 3 and rip

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about waxing but too shy to ask.

There are all sorts of ‘taboo’ things that happen within the walls of a beauty salon. Waxing being the main one. Waxing? You ask. Well I’m here to throw some light on this hush hush topic and answer the questions you may be to shy to ask for yourself.

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Being in the beauty industry for just over 20 years now, I’ve seen and heard all sorts of things and it has made me numb to most of those things and I find I’m having to remind myself that others are super shy to ask a question about or book in for such taboo things.

I feel this will be best if I just be blunt and say it how it is. Please keep in mind this is coming from my personal experiences from my time working in a beauty salon and that I have limited services offered to men, so please take no offence my skill set in intimate areas is solely focused on female parts. I have not been trained in the art of waxing doodles and balls [yes, this is something you do need to be trained in]. That being said, let’s jump right on in….

Waxing…. waxing of the intimate areas. Now, getting a Brazilian wax these days is not considered taboo, but in fact a completely ‘normal’ salon treatment. But, it’s the butt [hehe pun 100% intended], yes, that’s correct, getting your booty waxed and I mean butthole. Yep, totally just said butthole. Now, this again is an absolutely normal salon treatment and I offer it as part of getting a Brazilian wax done. I, however do still ask if the client wants this area waxed or not, instead of just rolling them to the side and asking them to spread their cheeks. So why is this still classed as ‘taboo’ if it’s also classed as ‘normal’ ? Well, would you believe this area makes a lot of clients either blush, make shock horror faces at me or begs the question as to why you would get this done or need it done.

Many years ago I would pussy foot around the answer to this until one day I thought to hell with it, just be honest. Again, this is my opinion based on my own personal experiences and discussions within the salon. Ok, so heads up, a few home truths, there is hair there, yes, hair on and around the butt hole. The amount varies from person to person but there is hair there, trust me. You’ve just waxed all the hair from the outer part of your vagina area which is rather close to your bottom area. So you can bet your bottom dollar [again, pun intended] I’ve seen that there is hair there and trust me I’ve waxed down as far as I can reach, for now. Ok, I’m going to get personal here, continue reading with caution….

Deep breathe …. when one is naked, whilst being intimate or not do you or have you ever bent over in a doggy styled position? I’m guessing you have at one time or another. In this position I’m sure you can imagine that your naked booty is on display for all whom are in the room, am I right? Now, think to yourself, what is said person or people [no judgement here, the more the merrier] looking at? You can bet your ass [I’m on fire with puns] they are NOT looking at the ceiling and to the best of my knowledge they are looking directly at the peach and thinking of how they can ummmmmm….. use your imagination before I turn this into a porno, but you get the idea. Now, it’s up to you to make the decision if you wish to have a fuzzy peach or not.

Alrighy then, now that that has been addressed you can now understand as to why one would want and/or need to wax their butt. It is also very normal for not only the butt hole and ass crack to be waxed but also the butt cheeks. So, do not fear having hair in these places is as normal as having hair on your pussy and I don’t mean your cat.

Body hair, we all have it. Again, this varies from person to person. Please be assured that body hair is very normal. The amount of hair and the colour of the hair can vary for all sorts of reasons, [some examples: genetics, hormones or illness]. Hormones can cause hair growth on areas that weren’t particularly hairy before [for example: on women, the chin area, sides of the face, back, stomach and backs of legs or thighs and even the nipple area]. I have seen all of this many many times and you can be assured that asking for these areas or any area to be waxed is 100% normal.

Let’s get to the frequently asked questions and the do’s and don’ts of salon etiquette when you are booked in for a wax, particularly for intimate areas. Firstly, use the baby wipes provided. Even if you just had a shower, use the wipes. When your Beauty Therapist tells you there are baby wipes there, they aren’t offering it as an option, it’s a request. Use them, we thank you in advance. If the hair down below on your kitty [again, not your cat] is a little on the over grown side, please trim before you come to your appointment, we are not hairdressers and do not want to cut your over grown pubic hair for you. If it’s that time of the month, yes you can still be waxed, please put a tampon in and tuck the string between the inner labia, so that the string is not hanging out. You do not want that caught in the wax. If you have a piercing down below let your Beauty Therapist know, sometimes we can’t see it until it’s too late. Again, you do not want wax getting caught on that. For the love of all things holy [pun hehe] please do NOT have sex and come [hehe pun again] to your waxing appointment with cum inside you, yes it dribbles out. Yes, you can wear your knickers or G-string during your waxing treatment, however please be aware that there is a chance you could get wax on the fabric. So perhaps don’t wear your super expensive sexy lace underwear. Yes, you can still be wax during your pregnancy, some women find it slightly more painful and some find it less painful. Finally…. Yes, it hurts but not nearly as much as you may expect and different areas of the body feel pain differently.

So what is the difference between having a bikini line wax and a Brazilian wax? Now, this can be described by many different salons as different things and different names but I like to keep it pretty basic. A bikini line wax is waxing the hair from the area outside of your normal everyday knickers, briefs or bikini, hence the name bikini line. An extended bikini wax is waxing the area outside of your G-string area including a little off the top. So not all off but tapered in nicely. Then there is the Brazilian wax. This can be removing all hair completely off or a thin triangle shape left at the top, with all of the underneath hair removed from the outer labia and of course the butt hole and butt crack too. I have many clients who still opt for having the bottom area waxed even if not getting a Brazilian, so this is also an option. Many clients also get their tummy or ‘snail trail’ done as part of any type of intimate area wax.

Another ‘taboo’ question relating to the intimate areas of a woman. Do vaginas all look different? Damn right they all look different. I mean they are all similar in aesthetic, they are all vaginas after all, but yes, they are all different. Seriously, here’s the biggest wow….. an ‘outy’ is more common than an ‘inny’, OMG mind blown! To be more direct, it is very common and 100% normal if your inner labia sticks out or is larger than your outer labia, creating what is known as an ‘outy’. So ladies please stop thinking this is weird or abnormal because it is NORMAL!

Well that was a lot to take in. Did I shock you? Did I make you a giggle? I hope so, because I was giggling as I was writing it. I know, I’m so hilarious, aren’t I. I hope that I gave you a good insight into my life as a waxing professional and answered a lot of those ‘taboo’ questions you’ve been dying to ask. Please don’t be nervous or shy to ask a question that may seem taboo, the chances are your Beauty Therapist has answered that same question many times over. I myself am happy to answer any question, no matter how blush worthy it may be.

-Delza Skye xoxo

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