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Burlesque Acts Available

Delza’s Donuts

A neo burlesque act serving up curve loading to the max and taking you on a ride of pure food fetish fantasy. Cute, cheeky and a hole (pun intended) lot of sugary goodness to delight your tastebuds and make you giggle til you cream yourself.

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Photo by Jason Matz Photography

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A sexy, sensual love affair with yourself. Living in a world where social media tells us what is attractive and not we find it increasingly hard to love ourselves and what we see in the mirror. Combing classic strip tease with soapy suds this is one tease to fall in love with.

• • •

Joker : Miss J

Narrative neo-burlesque referencing the pop culture comic icon of the Joker in
the Batman series. Heavily visually influenced by an amalgamation of the Batman movies and comic books to make a feminine version of this well-known character. The act represents being locked away,being suppressed and breaking free from the confines that imprison us. Dramatic, thematic, suspenseful and emotive.

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Snow White

With eyes as doe as a dear, hair as black as ebony and lips as red as a Valentine’s Day kiss. She’s no longer the sweet and timid girl you knew, she’s outgrown the 7 little men she’s been living with and she is ready to take the crown that is rightfully hers. A brand new take on the Snow White classic. A journey of self discovery. Encouraging and inspiring confidence and woman empowerment. This is one Snow White ready to crack the mirror of perfection.

• • •

Fat Bottomed Girls

This big booty gal takes you on a fun loving cowgirl inspired tasseling & asseling ride. Showing off the curves, swerves and jiggly bits of the womanly body. Made For the award winning show ‘A Night At The Opera’ produced by Ivy Cabaret

• • •

I Want To Break Free

A panto act inspired by the music film clip that was originally banned in America. Paying homage to Freddie Mercury dressed as a woman vacuuming becomes a comical house cleaner strip tease with an unexpected ending. Made For the award winning show ‘A Night At The Opera’ produced by Ivy Cabaret.

• • •


The Civil War era in America was a time of immense social change. Inspired by the Music Halls of the birth of burlesque in America, this late 1800s inspired routine takes the waltz that emerged as a popular dance of the era and makes social commentary on the relationship that women faced as their men went. A soft, lyrical traditional routine that acknowledges female sensuality from the Puritan era where women were traditionally very covered in public. Evoking a Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind feel.

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Available For Modelling

Curvy pinup & lingerie model