Forty & Fabulous


Oh my goodness, I’m 40!

Yes, you’re shocked too? Let that one sink in for a bit…. 40! Damn, I look good though. <pats self on the back>

Cake Smash shoot for my 40th b’day – Fate Photography

Wowzers, when did that creep up on me, I can’t be that age, I don’t feel that age. I went to write ‘old’ but replaced it with ‘age’, because guess what, 40 isn’t old. It sounds old to a teenager, sure, because that’s their parents age, but even my own Mum reminded me that 40 isn’t middle aged. Go figure 50 is middle aged these days, even that isn’t ‘old’.

Now, 40 years is a long time, I was born last century after all. Reflecting back on the last 40 years I realised just how much I’ve accomplished (and changed) and I’m actually pretty darn proud of myself <another pat on the back for me>

A quick flash back to my younger days….

Finished up year 12 at school, went straight to beauty college, then straight into work and within a year I opened my own salon. I even got engaged to the love of my life, my now hubby. All before turning 20. Yay, go me. <do a deserve a gold star, I reckon>

I then spent my 20s building my business, getting married, making our house a home and the best bit of all…. making two beautiful babies.

RMoving on to my 30s. The first half was me struggling to juggle being a wife, a mum and a business owner all whilst my hubby was away working FIFO. But I’m superwoman and got that sh%t done. OK, I cried and screamed a lot but I still got on with it. Then, after having huge issues with body image and becoming rather depressed over it and honestly the kids didn’t even ‘ruin’ my body but it was still different to the pre-baby body I once had. I found pinup and shortly after, burlesque entered my life. And that’s when I started to become ‘me’.

Who knows what sort of person I’d be now if I didn’t find those 2 things. Would I be a mum bun kinda woman, would I still be worried about wearing a bathing suit in public (or at all full stop), would I wear active wear everyday (that stuff is pretty comfy) …. meh I’ll never know and I don’t actually care.

I have really grown as a person. Would you believe I use to be extremely shy, like really full on shy, just ask my Dad haha, sorry Dad. I now have a voice, yep I’m loud haha, sorry Mum but I do take after you. I can go to events alone, I can even do public speaking and ummm I take my clothes off on stage whoop whoop! I feel sorry for my hubby, he thought he married a shy timid little flower….. bahahaha. I was told that the closer to 40 you get the more you stand up for yourself and the more you don’t give a rats ass about drama. All 100% true.

How many of you would rather forget about their impending big 4 0 bday and who would rather party like its 1981??

A few years back now, there was a trend going around about having a funeral for your 40th to say goodbye to your youth, oh I totally was going to do that…. but then something changed. I really thought about it and came to the realisation that I have a lot to celebrate, just because society says I’m ‘old’ doesn’t mean I have to get the rocking chair out and go to bed at 6pm. And just think about all the people that sadly don’t make it this far. 40 is not a funeral it’s a celebration. No matter what, we can’t stop the ageing and we to try to remember it’s just a number telling you how long you’ve been on this earth.

So, I had myself a massive party. With showgirls and burlesque performers. An expensive hotel room and a bloody fun after party <that’s for me to know about and you to guess about lol>

My Forty & Fabulous birthday party – Wild Kat Photography

And boy oh boy did I party like it was 1981. Please note: You don’t feel your actual age til you have to deal with a hangover haha. I was beyond spoilt by my friends, family and especially my hubby. I’m one lucky lady to have him.

and…. then the glitter crash hit.<insert sad music> It hit hard. The lead up to my birthday and being so up and down about the big scary number, then the huge celebrations all came to a crashing halt. The day of my actual birthday was the day I said goodbye to one my besties (how dare she move to another state, rude much) and my hubby went back to work the next morning. I then felt alone and with nothing to look forward to. I know, drama city right here. I know what your thinking, get a grip woman. I know, I know <palm to face> My depression and anxiety started creeping in and I was up and down, all over the place. My husband, unfortunately copped the hurricane, tsunami, and earthquake that was me, ‘The Attack Of The 40 Year Old Woman’! Turning 40 is all fun and games til the party is over and you are left to ponder the sheer fact that you are now 40. I can’t even explain it, but I went a little crazy there (just a little bit). I’m a very emotional person, that’s just me, and I feel things on a whole other level but this was a roller-coaster I really didn’t like being on. Like the one in Final Destination 3. That kinda roller-coaster. You can see it’s all going to go to sh%t but you can’t make it stop. So, my deepest heartfelt apologies to my dearest husband. I’m seriously lucky he didn’t serve me with divorce papers. I love you darling.

I’m OK, now. It’s all good, I’m superwoman remember (so I tell myself).

I turned 40 and survived. Gold star for me! Lol

Far out, why is flicking over into another decade, another age bracket so darn scary and why do we even want to hide our age. Is it the pressures of society saying you’re ‘old’, you should have done this, this and this by now, you should grow up, you should act a certain way. Screw you society, I do what I want. <insert middle finger>

Personally, I’m pretty impressed with myself. I don’t look 40 (what does 40 look like, deep in thought now). I have looked after my skin very well and as a result do look younger than I am. So, everyone listen up, if I offer you skincare advice maybe you should listen. I think I’ve proven that I know my sh%t.

I actually achieved a goal I’d set myself. Get to 40 without crowsfeet (the wrinkles around the eyes), no botox and no fillers. Ta Da, I did it. So again, if you are looking for skincare advice, hit me up. Saran Pike Beauty <wink wink> Actually I’ve accomplished a heck of a lot and I am living a life that not only am I happy with but I’m proud of and I can’t wait to tell my great grand kids about all the adventures their Grammy (that’s going to be my name when I become a grandmother) has had. But…. there’s much more adventures to be had before then.

FORTY!!! Don’t be scared (and don’t go crazy like I did). Embrace it, you are not ‘old’ you have just been on this earth longer than others. Look after yourselves, eat well, exercise and go on adventures, live life and plan to get that letter from the King when you hit 100. Your age is literally just a number. Don’t worry about all those noises your body makes, you know the cracks and moans, it makes as the number rises. Just enjoy the roller-coaster, not the final Destination one, the Disney Land one, the scary but fun one. Oh, and eat the cake.

Love Delza xoxo

PS you are never too ‘old’ for anything, full stop.

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