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Never thought you’d see that rating next to the word Disney, did you?

Once Upon A Teaser
Cast – Adelaide Fringe World Festival 2020
Image by Daniel Purvis

So now that I have your dirty perverted mind’s attention, shall I begin. When you mix Burlesque and Disney together you get all of your favourite characters and stories from your childhood brought to life on stage in an R rated version for you to enjoy and have all those fond memories of innocence completely smashed. Oh but in a good way, a real good way.

Once Upon A Teaser is an award winning show created, produced and starring Viola Verve, that invites you to take a rather naughty magic ride, as the performers burlesque-ify and parody your favourite Disney classics, in a way you’ve never seen them before. Featuring an array of artists from all over Australia. The show is read to you just like a story book, narrated by the incredibly multi-talented Michael Wheatley. The show even features some loveable and rather comical characters as the shows stage kittens (stage hands, for those who don’t know what a stage kitten is).

{Check out the show, Click here}

Other than the fact that this show is absolutely spectacular and you really should check it out {click the link above}, I also want to talk about the amazing cast and crew that make ‘Teaser’ more than just a show or a job, it’s a family…. and I am more than honoured to say I am part of the family. That’s right, yours truly stars in the show. I have been privileged to be in the show for 2 years running now. I was first cast in the show in 2019 for the first ever season at Perth Fringe World Festival after a cast member had to pull out due to injury (I often thank her for that). I have never been so excited to be cast in a show that I had dreamed of being in. I was literally shaking when I was asked to perform.

On stage as Cruella DeVil – Once Upon A Teaser
Perth Fringe World Festival 2019
Photo by Jason Matz Photography

Cruella DeVil was pulled out of the box she had been stuffed in for the past year, dusted off, rebuilt, and ready to give it all she had. I’m not even going to lie, I was beyond nervous and good old self doubt was kicking in. This was the first ‘real’ show I’d ever been in. Yeah I’d been performing for 3 years prior but without going into too much detail, most of those shows would be classed as B grade and that’s putting it nicely. I rocked up for tech, totally fan girling (yep I’m that chick) over the other cast members. My gosh these are people I look up to and admire. Am I meant to be here, have they made a mistake. Deep breath… Trying to keep my nerves in check as I had a run through of my act and completely gob smacked that I was asked about how I wanted my lighting, who me?, I get a say? What was happening, I’d never been able to have a say before. Mind you I was lucky if I got to have a quick run through before going on stage. I was blown away by the professionalism and organization. There was a stage, proper lighting, a stage manager, a tech team, stage crew, a backstage, a change room. I know it may seem silly but I was impressed. I’m not trying to say that this is what I expect at all shows, just making note that this was far above what I had become use to over the years. I’ve performed at some pretty below average venues which does help you appreciate anything above that.

So, now that I have the shock of all this settling in and can attempt to enjoy this amazing experience that was happening to me. Every single performer and crew member made me feel welcome and included. For so long I’d felt like an outsider (my feelings and insecurities, no one else’s) but now I felt like I was seen and that I was good enough. Something I’m still trying to remind myself constantly and also something my incredible mentor Miss Alyssa Kitt is drumming into me. When you are made to feel less than you are for so long you start to believe it. Sad but true. Never the less I was now part of the ‘Teaser Family’.

Backstage in the ‘Disney Waiting Room’
with Ivy Temptress, Scarlet Adams & Miss Lady Lace
Once Upon A Teaser Perth 2019
Cast of Once Upon A Teaser – Perth Fringe World Festival 2019

After 3 nights in a row of sold out shows it was sad to say goodbye to all the interstate performers, especially Viola Verve and Lady Cara, who plays Ursula in the show and belts out one heck of a tune. So when I heard that Once Upon A Teaser was returning to Perth for a second season of Fringe I was over the moon because it meant I got to see them again. It was like no time had past and the family was together again. There was new members added and all the familiar faces too. So so soooo good. This time round I was cast in the show as one of the stage kittens. Which to be totally honest I was actually happy to be a kitten rather than one of the main characters. Not because I didn’t want to, oh gosh if I had been asked I would of said yes in a heart beat but on a slightly selfish note, the show was going to be 4 nights in a row and on the 5th night I would be competing in Burlesque Idol Australia. So not being a main character meant I could focus on my act for Idol. Plus I had already been cast in the Adelaide show, woo hoo go me!

Being a stage kitten is no easy job. Not even close. For the most part you only see what we do on stage but there is so much we do behind the scenes. Without the kittens the show will not run as smoothly as it does. Being a performer I feel it helps as you know what is required and what the performers and producers expect. You know the importance of setting the props up in the correct position, picking up the costume pieces, handling them correctly and returning to the performer and so much more. You are not there to just pick costumes up, you make sure the performers are reading and waiting to go on stage, set props up, buy time if required and even be a runner when things go hay wire, which sometimes they do. Added to the job of stage kitten for Once Upon A Teaser is playing the role of a character. This year I was ‘Dopey’ the dwarf from Snow White along side Madame Demi Diva who played a very pissed off and annoyed ‘Grumpy’ to a tee. Boy did we have fun. Not our usual roles but we sure did a good job (pats self on back).

Dopey & Grumpy stage kittens for Once Upon A Teaser – Perth 2020

Far out this years Perth edition was even more fun than last year. Hanging out with my girl Demi in our duo act as kittens, I mean dwarfs, getting the crowd worked up before heading in to be seated and then all the backstage antics before and after the show. I didn’t want it to end. Lucky for me though, I was heading over to Adelaide for Fringe World Festival to play my all time favourite princess, Snow White.

Backstage with the cast of Once Upon A Teaser – Perth Fringe World Festival 2020

OMG!! My burly sisters Demi, Calypso and I (just missing Ivy <insert sad face>) all jumped on a plane and flew over to Radelaide for not one show but 2. Demi and I had been cast in Once Upon A Teaser and also booked to kitten for Burlesque O Rama which Calypso had been cast in to perform her epic 007 act ‘Jane Bond’. This meant 5 shows in 3 nights, we’ve got this…. We are pros! Man did we hit the ground running. Off the plane and pretty much straight over to Nexus Arts for tech and rehearsals ready for the opening night of both shows. Once again I find myself surrounded by artists that I am fan girling over (Yep! Still that chick). Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be in a show with these incredible performers, let alone be cast as Snow White, who was originally played by Ainslie Adams but has since retired the act (for now anyhow, you never know).

Just as I started to think Snow White would remain locked away in my wardrobe never to be seen on stage again. She was back, however she has been completely revamped since her last stage appearance back in 2018. A brand new act, costume and soundtrack with a whole lot more meaning behind it. Still to this date Snow White is my most performed act. I’ve had her for close to 4 years now. It’s an act I hold dear to my heart, not only do I aesthetically look like her but I feel she represents me as a performer and reflects me in my ‘muggle’ life. Being able to perform this act in an actual Disney tribute show is a dream come true.

On stage as Snow White
at Once Upon A Teaser – Adelaide Fringe World Festival 2020
Images by Daniel Purvis

This was only the second time I had travelled interstate to perform, but the first time being with friends and being a part of a show where I had already met majority of the performers. It felt just like being in Perth, like home. Not only did we get to explore a little bit of Adelaide but also hang out with our Teaser Family including dinners between shows and drinks to celebrate another sold out season.

Drinks at Nineteen Ten roof top burlesque and jazz bar

Now most of you wouldn’t know that I actually have family that live in Adelaide, so as an added bonus I was able to spend some time with them and beyond happy to have them come see me perform. I popped their burlesque cherry, as they say…. hehe. Being in another state you don’t expect to have anyone you know in the audience so having them there meant the world to me.

My Aunty and 2 cousins with myself and some of the Once Upon A Teaser cast, Madame Demi Diva, Lady Cara and Viola Verve

What a whirlwind experience. We really didn’t waste any time over in Adelaide and a good thing we didn’t because that was the last of any shows for some time due to COVID-19. It’s amazing how much you can do in 3 days when you’re having fun! Absolutely beyond shattered when I got home but so worth it. Thanks for having us, I’m sure we’ll be back as soon as we can…. ready for the next season {wink wink, nudge nudge}.

Back stage with the cast of Burlesque O Rama & Once Upon A Teaser – Adelaide 2020

Not only do I have my beautiful burly sisters, who are also part of the Teaser Family, Ivy TemptressTinkerbell, Madame Demi DivaRupanzel and Calypso D’LightTigger, here in Perth but I also have my Teaser Family spanning across the whole of Australia. Thank you Viola for taking a chance on me and allowing me to be part of something truly special. And that there is where it ends before I start crying like a baby because I’m a highly emotional and sentimental person.

Love Delza xoxo

If you’d like to check out the show, you can. The entire show is available for purchase for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own living room. Click the link below ⬇️


Cast of Burlesque O Rama – Adelaide Fringe World Festival 2020

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