Have You Checked Your Hooha Lately?

Oh no, did I just say “hooha”? Did that spike your interest? Good. So let’s talk pussy, I mean vaginas….. eeekkk scary. Don’t be scared, vaginas are fascinating things. So, just to clarify…. as we know I am not a health professional so Im only going to address the topics I come across in my life. Being a Beauty Therapist specialising in waxing I see a lot of hoohas, yep you’re jealous right. Plus with my performing and modelling I also get a glance at many naked bodies. Yay for me…. seriously, I have the life. Im not even kidding.

Let’s not get carried away too quickly. Firstly, do you know how many of my clients have actually told me that they have never had a good look at their own vagina or more to the point, their vulva. Look let’s be honest who actually goes around calling it their vulva? “Send me a pic of your vulva”…. yeah nah…. “send me a pic of your pussy”…. yes, yes, much better lol. So what ever you call it, technical terms or slang, you know what I’m going on about. From now on I’m just going to refer to this body part as ‘kitty’. Are we all on board now?…. Good, great, wonderful.

Back to this whole shock horror of women not checking out their own kitties, what!!! Ladies c’mon, how do you not look at this. Like seriously you have to look at it at some point, in the mirror naked? Washing yourself? Taking a sexy pic? hmmmm…. Now I’m wondering if I’m in the minority here, sending kitty pics to my partner. I mean that is a normal thing right. Tinder peeps, help me out on this one, that’s got to be normal, right? Anyways, stick to the topic. Ladies for the love of all things holy and not, look at your darn kitty.

This part of your body {including internal parts attached} is absolutely wondrous, the giver of life, pleasure, oh and pain, how can we forget that part. Are you scared of how it looks? Is this the issue? I have mentioned visuals in a pervious blog {please refer to 1,2,3 Rip for more on this one}. Ok, ok, they aren’t the most amazing thing to look at but is a penis {insert eggplant emoji} any better. Im not overly sure these body parts were ever made for visual effect.

So, I really think all of us need to grab out a mirror and have good long look at our kitties. We all need a Charlotte moment right about now…. and if you are too young to get that reference I highly suggest you look that up ‘Sex And The City’ S2 E4 – The Real Me but for a visual reference right now see pic at the top of this post. That’s correct look at it, all of it.

I am a huge advocate for body confidence and positivity and I feel that this is something about ourselves that really gets overlooked, or more to the point never looked at. Loving our bodies just as they are is a hard thing to accomplish and something we more than likely will work on our entire lives, but learning to love our bodies includes all parts. Also, finding love for your body will help with finding the confidence to show your body to your partner, lover or even tinder hook up and ultimately impact any intimate times. Visually all kitties appear similar but not one is the same as another. They change as we get older, have children or suffer health issues. Some have lots of hair, others not so much or not at all {huge thanks to waxing or shaving}, some have skin pigmentation, moles, skin tags, stretch marks, all sorts of things factor into appearance. Not all kitties are neatly tucked away and more commonly the inner labia does poke out from the outer labia. Stop thinking your kitty isn’t pretty or isn’t what is considered to be ‘normal’. Normal is exactly what you have tucked between your thighs.

Not only is it good to learn to love and accept the appearance of your kitty but its also good to know when something changes. Being able to identify changes to the skin surface of your kitty and also notice any changes to the smell or fluids is really beneficial to your own health. Your Beauty Therapist shouldn’t know your kitty better than you do. Also, whilst we are on topic of health…… big shout out to pap smears. Serious time…. Far too many of you are too darn scared to go see a doctor and get a pap smear done. There is absolutely no need to be scared or embarrassed. For that very brief moment of showing your kitty to your Doctor could save your life.

Now, go get those mirrors out and enjoy the view for exactly what it is, not what you think it’s meant to look like. Happy hooha viewing ladies.

Love Delza xoxo

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