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Let’s talk stage names. The name you go by as a performer, artist, model etc. instead of using your ‘muggle’ name. So what is so important about that name? To some, maybe it’s not a big deal but to most, this is a massive deal. A name helps to identify who you are as a performer or artist. A name can tell a lot about how you identify as your character/alter ego, are you cheeky, playful, mysterious, sultry, serious, classy, comical…. and the list goes on.

For me, I originally chose my name aimed more towards myself as a burlesque artist, even though I started in pinup before burlesque, it’s just the way it worked out. Fortunately I chose something that fitted for both. Bonus! This is not an easy task when you are still working on establishing your character. Which can actually take a fair while and can change over time as you grow as a performer.

So, how did I choose my name….. this is a story only a few actually know, feel privileged that I’m sharing this with you, hehe. After doing much research on choosing a stage name I decided I wanted something unique (doesn’t everyone), something easy to say and spell, plus something that I felt was era related to how I saw my character being. That era being a 1950s aesthetic. My grandmother’s (aka Granny) middle name came to mind. She was born in 1931, making her a young adult in the 50’s. This was perfect. Easy to say, spell, correct era and above all UNIQUE!!! Ta da …… “Delza”. A name my Granny had not been a fan of her whole life, until I gave it the ‘right’ place of use, hehe. So that was my first name done, now for a last name. This was a little harder. I originally wanted ‘Blue’ but unfortunately there was already another performer at the dance studio I was at using blue in her name. Back to the drawing board…… then the thought of finding another name for blue <light bulb moment> sky blue….. and that was it “Skye” it was…… and just like that ‘DELZA SKYE’ was born.

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This name is rather special to me for obvious reasons. I had been performing under this name for a little over 3 years and everyone knew me as Delza, not many people even call me by my muggle name within the burlesque and pinup community, so when I left the dance studio I was at and I was told I couldn’t keep my name I was absolutely not having a bar of that bull s*#t! That’s my name!!! Now to clear something up here…. there are stage name registries for both burlesque and pinup that have a list names being used and you can also do a google search of names. I highly recommend this when choosing a name. You really don’t want to choose a name only to find out someone else is using it. “Hello, unique”! Also once you’ve chosen your name its a good idea to register it. Usually this is free or its a small yearly fee. However, this does not mean you have legal claim to the name. It is simply a list of names so you know what is already being used. After speaking to my lawyer I found out that the only way to have full legal claim to a name is to trademark it. So what do you think I did…. you bet your ass, I trademarked my name. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. Yes, I know this may seem excessive but if you knew the person I was dealing with in regards to saying they owned my name, you’d do the same. Trust me on this one. I also made sure I secured the web address, email and business name. Delza Skye is 100% all mine. Now of course you do not need to go to this extent. This is as I said is excessive, but for me necessary. Changing my name to stop any conflict was not an option to me. Perhaps if the name was not so special to me, maybe I would of considered it. Probably not though.

Things to consider when choosing your stage name….

– Think about your character and who they are. You don’t want a name that doesn’t fit with that.

– Is it easy to pronounce or spell? If people can’t say it or spell it, it will be harder to remember or look you up on social media.

– Definitely look on registries and do a google search. Seriously you don’t want to accidently have the same name as someone else. It’s confusing and annoying to the other performer. Plus, how will you be able to use that name on social media? Changing the spelling is still a no no.

– This one can be hard but try to be unique. Be you. No one else is you.

Have a really good think about your name, don’t choose quickly, put some thought into it. Do your research. Make a list of things you like (eg: favourite colour or drink). Look up different words for a particular word (eg: purple – violet or lavender). Ask friends to help. Good luck.

-Delza xoxo

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